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Social Media is becoming the norm in our society people have  some type of social networking site that they use on a daily basis. These  sites such as Facebook twitter and my space have become our means of communication, but I feel that there are some  rules that should be followed when it comes to these sites.

1. Understand your audience(people you know and don’t)- I think this is really important because I no a lot of people dont realize that more than just your friends see your accounts. I have heard  stories of possible employers,teachers, and parents seeing material that should not be shown on the internet. So be careful with what is on your page.

2.Remember the positive aspects of Social Networking– I think a lot of times people get wrapped up in posting pictures and videos and things of that sort and forget the positive aspects. These sites can be used to find potential jobs and friends. Try to use the sites for more than just socializing, but try to understand the importance of networking.

3.Remember to be responsible, respectful, and resourceful-being responsible is a big part of social media, because posting personal information over the internet means using good judgement to use these sites easily and to gain the most benefit. Being respectful in my opinion means respecting others privacy and not violating the rules of the websites. Also being resourceful means using your communication with others as personal gain that could help in the future.

Follow these simple rules and your Social Media experience will be great and I promise it will benefit you:).


Podcasts are very interesting and have a variety of genres and topics to pick from including news, comedy,art, business, kids, politics, and more. I get my podcasts from iTunes because its easy and always reliable. Most often I watch the news specifically to listen to news going on worldwide. Friday November 13, 2009 I watched www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/globalnews. This podcasts discussed the trials of the supposedly man who planned the September 11 attacks. The trial will be held in NY and many are concerned about how the trial will be held . This blog gives interviews with civilians, presidents, and other world leaders.  Also it discussed the help that the US will receive from NATO in Afghanistan. All the countries apart of NATO are willing to aid with the process. I enjoy this podcast because I can get news that I dont hear about in Statesboro:).

Also I listen to www.gleefulpodcast.com. I enjoy the show Glee and this podcast is discussed by Josh, Jen, and Ed. They go through each episode discussing the songs and what happened on the show. I listened to episode 9: Your Resentment is Delicious. I like this podcast a lot because I can listen when I miss an episode:)

Another new related podcast that I listened to was http://www.cbsnews.com/common/includes/podcast/podcast_60min_1.rss. This podcast was from 11/19/2009. The topic was hackers and Andre Agassi, and this was ironic because we always talk about guarding our online information so I found it to be relevent to this class. The main point of this podcast was the effects of “cyber wars” amongst countries and Andre Agassi’s book and crystal meth addiction. I enjoy the 60 minutes podcast because I always miss it so it’s a way for mr to still get news.

Before this class I really didnt pay attention to blogs I just thought of them as websites where people rant and rave about themselves. Now being in this class I have started to pay closer attention to blogs. I recently started viewing perezhilton.com . It’s quite interesting it’s all the celebrity gossip from Perez Hilton; which is really funny because he became famous for his gossip and now even has his own podcasts. Which really shows how blogging impacts what people think and how we get sucked into others blogs.  His blogs cover news on celebrities from the latest with Lindsay Lohan to John and Kate Gosselin. It’s funny to be able to see what is going on in celebrities lives and how Perez gets all the “juicy details”.

Also, another blog that I started looking at is www.blackvoices.com. This blog is one that discusses issues going on in the African-American community that mostly involves celebrities.  The site gives insight on life, money, health and beauty as well as entertainment.I really enjoy this blog because it gives me a chance to see what is going on in the world with African-American politicians, musicians, athletes, celebrities, and other influential black leaders. 

In addition to these blogs I have taken an interest in www.todayisthatday.com. This is a site that discusses how to be in control of your life and make the best decisions for yourself. Even though it is great to look at celebrity gossip it is great to visit this blog because I always learn something new:)

The success series seminars were really informative and all had a specific purpose for us as incoming freshman. When I went to the last success series seminar called Keeping Friendship Alive. My first thought was that this is about making friends and learning how to communicate with peers.  The speaker’s name was Erica Upshaw and she began by showing a video.  As the video progressed it showed college students that had died every year across the United States from drugs and alcohol. Joey Upshaw was the very last person that was shown on the screen, and at that moment I realized it was Erica’s brother. She went into detail about how close her and her brother were and the behaviors they participated in at Ohio State. They had started living a life filled with drug and alcohol use. Joey was the all american guy who had everything going for him, but decided to make bad decisions regarding alcohol and drugs that cost him his life. I believe this was an eye opener for all of us, and I felt that this made everyone realize that we can be our friends enablers. We all have a responsibility to our friends to give them good advice, because we could end up with a dead friend. She showed us that drinking is taken lightly, but is a behavior that has so many outcomes that effect everyone.  All the statistics that were shown regarding alcohol was quite shocking, but made me think twice about alcohol. From this seminar I realized that having fun in college is great but when our behaviors get out of control it is our responsibility to keep our friends alive.

Well for the entire week we were introduced to a site called Twitter. It was definitely a new experience to networking as a opposed to using Facebook.  I set up my account which was similar to Facebook but all the extra info about yourself  is limited. The site limits each tweet to only 140 words so I was forced to control my expressions. In my opinion it seemed pretty pointless its as if you are constantly updating your status. Once I got used to it I realized that most people statuses were not the typical “watching tv” or “at the mall” statuses I was use to. Most people actually put up links, videos, or even quotes.  Twitter was definitely a new way of networking and I guess I had to get over the whole “following” someone on the site.  It was really cool to actually follow celebrities I no I followed Alicia Keys, Beyonce and other stars. I guess in a way I  got to see into their lives through there tweets.  I also realized that on this site its more acceptable to follow someone you dont even know. For instance I put up a tweet saying I was going to Zumba class. Afterwards I get back and this lady from Ohio responded asking if I was an instructor? We got into a whole conversation about a class she teaches called Turbo Kick, and how she would see if they offer them in Statesboro. I found this to be odd, but this showed me how networking works on this site and how it can help in the future. I am not completely sold on Twitter but I will definitely continue with it and see how it goes!

Our class.

Our class.

Last, Monday instead of meeting at our normal location we went to the RAC to do a Ropes course. Truthfully I wasn’t too excited about being outdoors doing God knows what.lol.  That day was so busy for me I didn’t get out of my class until five and still had to go over to the RAC. I considered just not going at all, but Im glad I did! The first activity I participated in was the Human Knot Challenge. This was very interesting each person had to grab the hand of the person opposite of you creating a HUGE knot. Well our team was a little slow, and we ended up creating an even bigger knot than what we started with. Through each activity I learned a little more about myself and my classmates. I found the individuals in our class to be very helpful, inventive, and fun to be around. We all tried to pull together as a team which was the purpose of the course. Eventhough, I already knew this about myself but it was way more evident during one of the tasks how independent and strongwilled I am. For one activity they blind folded us and we were told trying to get through the course, but there was no talking except to ask 2 questions. 1. Am I going in the right direction? 2. Can I have help? The second question was the key to the whole challenge ASK FOR HELP!!  All I had to do was ask for help and I would have been out of the maze of ropes.  This really showed me how many times I try to figure things out on my own instead of just asking for help.

This experience had alot to do with our FYE class. The purpose of our class is to make connections with people either verbally, through the internet, or nonverbally. The ropes course forced us to work as a unit and really pushed me out of my comfort zone.  The course showed me how much we are similar but that we are all different and when we combine all our ideas we can come to a solution. I believe our class would benefit greatly if we took the course again. The course really taught me how to work as a team there are so many components to teamwork that were evident through the experience. I think the most important components that will benefit our class the most are listening, compromise,leadership as well as followship, and fun.

I believe the ropes course will help me alot in my interaction with people.  There was much more to the ropes course other than the actual physical activity. I believe the most important thing I will take from this activity is the importance of communication. For example, for one  task the WHOLE class was standing on one log and the task was to arrange ourselves by our favorite animal from smallest to largest on the log, but there was NO TALKING!!  The only sounds that could be made was the sounds of the animal. Communication was very important in order for our class to arrange ourselves and I think I will talk this component from the experience. I feel that in any circumstance if there is good communication the task at hand can be accomplished, and how we communicate with people is an essential skill that will effect the rest of our lives.  I believe the ROPES course helped me understand the importance of teamwork, communication, and how to have fun with new EXPERIENCES!!!:)

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